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Managing a baby during the teething process

Managing a baby during the teething process

It is definitely not an easy job to handle all the crankiness, drooling, and tears when your baby’s teething process begins. The area where the teeth are erupting might become swollen and reddish but, you don’t need to worry it is not painful. The teething process is inexorable and, at the same moment, it also becomes very stressful for the parents to look at their children in trouble.

This process usually commences after the baby has completed six months, the first set of the tooth is usually the lower central incisors. Generally, the babies become restless in the night and they will also exhibit symptoms of teething like- irritability, drooling, fussiness, and excessive chewing. To relieve them from this discomfort, follow these tips

  • Give a gum massage- massage your baby’s gum; the pressure of your finger would ease up the pain and discomfort. Try to give them a cool massage. A cooling sensation would alleviate the pain.
  • Give them chew toys to nibble on; you can also give them your finger. Just make sure that it is clean.
  • Chilled fruits help with the teething pain. Similarly, you can also give them a chilled spoon to calm them down.
  • Keep wiping off the drools; it is impossible to clean their drool every time but try to make a conscious effort to wipe their drool as drools contribute to rashes and discomfort. So keep them dry as much as possible to avoid any sort of discomfort.
  • It’s always better to engage and divert your child’s attention to different things so that their mind doesn’t emphasize the pain and pays attention to one different thing.
  • Medicines- teething is a very natural process and, so medicines should be your last resort. But if the process is interfering with their eating or sleeping schedule then, you can call a doctor and take their advice. However, soothing techniques should be your first priority.
  • A fixed schedule always helps you cope up with difficult times. Even if the teething process has disturbed their sleeping pattern, still try to stick to the routine and help them comfort.
  • Give your baby loads of love and cuddles, firstly because you actually don’t have to have a reason to not shower them with love, and secondly just to soothe and calm them down. Just make them feel that you around to help them.
  • The last tip is to all the parents out there, take it easy doesn’t take the stress, and deal with this with a lot of patience. You are not alone in this world who is worried about your child so, relax and ensure that you are not being very hard on yourself.
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