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Taking Care of Baby’s Milk Teeth

Taking Care of Baby’s Milk Teeth

Even though baby’s milk teeth are their temporary teeth but, they can decay too and, the infection from that can persist by damaging your child’s permanent teeth. As a parent, you would like them to steer clear of infections and cavities. Till the time your child is aware of taking care of their teeth until then you need to step in. For most babies, teeth are visible after the sixth month and, the care should start immediately after that. In most cases, the lower front teeth are the first ones to come. Teething is a painless process but, it can make your child cranky and irritable.

The process of taking care of your baby’s milk teeth can start before the first teeth appear by wiping your baby’s gum using gauze. This also helps the baby get into the habit of brushing when their teeth appear. Baby teeth are very significant and, so are taking care of them. Here are some tips that will help you take the best care of your child’s teeth-

  • When you notice the eruption of the tooth, start brushing it with an infant toothbrush to keep it clean. If they are resisting it, then you can start using gauze or a cloth. Once they form a habit you can switch to a brush. In the beginning use only water and a toothbrush, don’t start using toothpaste immediately consult your dentist.
  • Another tip is to keep the toothbrush clean and keep replacing it within few months. After using it, wash carefully and if, possible cover the bristles with something.
  • Apart from cleaning the teeth regularly and properly, ensure that they don’t consume sugary drinks and, if they have started eating solid foods then don’t give them food rich in sugar. An unhealthy diet can also result in tooth decay. Sugary drinks and snacks are some of the most common reasons for tooth decay in children.
  • There are some things if avoided helps in the prevention. One such thing is not allowing your baby to sleep with their bottle in the mouth. If a baby sleeps with a bottle full of milk at night then the milk dripping from the bottle soaks the teeth and elevates the chance of getting their tooth decayed. An alternate option to make your baby sleep is by providing them with a dummy bottle without any liquid.
  • You can start flossing when their teeth start touching each other. And as they grow teach them how to spit while brushing.
  • Brush their teeth twice a day. In the beginning, use only water and a toothbrush but, as they grow you can switch to a toothpaste that is safe for babies and gradually increase the amount of toothpaste.
  • Make it a habit by doing it together and make it memorable