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Swarnaprashan – Ayurvedic Vaccination for Kids

Swarnaprashan – Ayurvedic Vaccination for Kids

Ayurveda is an age-old, well-established science which has been in use for more than 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine that uses a combination of diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing techniques to treat illnesses. Ayurveda's objective is to prevent diseases or illness and promotes healthy life.

Swarnaprashan sanskar also known as suvarnaprashan, is one of the most important from described 16 rituals. The suvarna bhasma (ash of gold) is administered with pure ghee, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Vacha, Chitrak, Majishtha, and many more essential herbs. It is known as the immunization technique which prevents diseases in kids. Today in times of the pandemic, immunity is the best gift that can be given to kids.

Swarnaprashan immunity booster drops needs to be administrated to children aged between 0 to 15 on daily basis. It's believed that Swarnaprashan is twice effective on Pushya Nakshatra day. Pushya is most auspicious among other stars, they call it ‘The Star of Nourishment’ the word itself means 'Nourisher'. It is believed that all new works, started on Pushya Nakshatra, are fulfilled and give positive results.

BaalAmrut Swarnaprashan

BabyOrgano BaalAmrut Swarnaprashan is one of the leading brands that sell original Swarnaprashan on online platforms. Even though it has lots of health benefits, in India less than 1% of kids have access to it. It is really unfortunate to see India has its own age-old Ayurvedic science still Indians are after foreign science. Indians should take pride that immunization existed in India in the Vedic era. Swarnaprashan is not directed at specific diseases but is intended to boost memory, intelligence and improve the overall immunity of kids. Vaccination is not a solution for kids, immunization is their vaccination!

Benefits of Swarnaprashan

  • Boosts Immune System against disease
  • Increases Physical strength, mental and General growth of kids
  • Improves intellectual power, Grasping power, Analysis power
  • Improves digestive power
  • Protects from different Allergies
  • Tones up Texture and Skin color