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Five Important Night-Time Tips to Improve Child’s Oral Health

Five Important Night-Time Tips to Improve Child’s Oral Health

Oral health is closely linked to overall health. If you start taking care of your baby’s teeth in the early years, then they are most likely to have strong teeth with no cavities. Develop patterns and make it their lifestyle to follow some basic oral health care routines. Till the time your kid grows up and starts doing the necessary things on their own, parents should lay out a strong base. Like, starting their oral health care before their first tooth erupts.

Engaging them in creating an oral health care routine that they follow throughout their life is vital. Having healthy and strong teeth is an asset that should never be underestimated. Keeping bacteria in control by brushing and flossing regularly helps in achieving immaculate teeth. Here are five that would help you and your kid perfect your night-time oral health care routine.


Brushing twice a day should be a compulsion. When your kid has two or four teeth you can start brushing them. To brush properly move the toothbrush in circular motion very gently. Never let your child sleep without brushing. Even if they are too tired ensure that they are brushing. Soon, they will make this a habit, which they won’t give up. Night-time brushing is important as it removes all the remains of food and germs that have been accumulated throughout the day. So neglecting brushing can lead to the development of cavities. Use a brush that has soft bristles.

If your child doesn’t have teeth yet start using a clean cloth and wipe their gums with damp cloth. This will remove all the harmful bacteria in a child’s mouth.


When your child has more than two teeth you can start flossing their teeth. It can be quite tricky initially but, both flossing and brushing are important. Flossing helps you to remove pieces of food that brushing is unable to. It also stimulates their gums and reduces the formation of bacteria. Flossing can be done once a day. For young children, you can purchase some tools to ease the process.


Before sleeping, avoids the consumption of sugary foods and drinks as they increase the chances of the cavity. Do not let your child drink too much soda and juices and in general also limit their consumption of sugar. If the baby is below 2 years avoid bedtime and nap time feedings. If the child bottle feeds or breast feeds at night wipe your child's teeth after feeding.

Use a natural toothpaste

Kids may avoid strong menthol flavours, use a mild yet effective toothpaste with natural ingredients. BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste is enriched with babool, neem and clove oil. It helps to prevent cavities in tooth, bad breath, and gum inflammations. Use baby organo herbal toothpaste every night to fight cavities and ensure overall oral hygiene of your child.

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