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Traditional Ayurvedic Rituals For Infants

Traditional Ayurvedic Rituals For Infants

Giving birth and bringing life to this world is one of the supreme processes of nature. It all begins and ends with nature. As the saying goes-Nature, by its very essence, heals us. And Ayurveda is the best, oldest, and immensely trusted practice that transpires from nature. Ayurveda is prevention and a healer altogether.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to adapt forgotten ayurvedic newborn rituals because Ayurveda is much more than medicine. Ancient or modern, ayurvedic traditions are phenomenal and unmatchable, irrespective of any era. However, in recent times, many parents have avoided traditional baby care practices as their pediatricians disapprove of the highly safe and holistic ayurvedic practices for various reasons.

So, we are here to share the beneficial list of forgotten ayurvedic rituals for newborn babies.

Ayurvedic Practices for a newborn baby

Years come and go, but the roots stay forever. Ayurveda is one such root to give the best results; the only condition is understanding its significance and valuing the results.

Oil Massaging and bathing the baby

Baby oil massage is an ancient Indian ritual by a mother to the infant. The process includes coconut or sesame oil, and you can begin massaging the baby one or two months after consulting the doctor. Shishu abhyanga is the best in controlling a child’s vaata and pitta dosha.

You can also combine some herbal oils eventually, massage the child with upward or reverse gentle strokes and bathe the child later. The entire process of massaging and bathing builds strong immunity, helps with flexibility, and provides overall muscle development in kids by keeping their skin luscious and soft.

Exposing a child to the sun and moon

Though it is essential to keep the baby inside the house for at least four months, exposing an infant to the sun and moonlight is an exception. Exposing the child to the sun can be done in the place of a house that has maximum sunlight exposure.

Sunlight helps manage jaundice, increases serotonin levels, enhances insulin, and provides baby vitamin D. Moonlight exposure calms the kid’s nervous system and balances a mother’s monthly cycle.

The Importance of metal

As per Indian traditions, there’s a ritual of gifting the child with gold and silver jewelry or utensils. The purpose is to provide the benefits of gold and silver metals to newborns.

Gold increases immunity in kids; it has healing properties and protects the child from the evil eye. Silver on the child’s skin enhances their eyesight, cools pitta in the genital area, and boosts brain development.

Using Indian Style Cradle

Allowing the baby to sleep in the Indian-style jhoola is one of the ayurvedic practices that promote sound sleep. The gently rocking cradle is highly advantageous for a child’s muscle development and weight gain.

Babies feel safe in the jhoola, and the warmth is equal to a mother’s womb, making them feel safe, secure, and cozy. A cloth jhoola for infants is much more comfortable and convenient than hard-bedded cradles.

Keeping the newborn indoors

There’s a reason why it is crucial to keep the baby indoors for at least four months. According to Ayurveda, having a separate room for a mother and a newborn with limited access to the infant is essential.

The objective is to protect the baby from catching the infection from the outdoor environment as their immunity is still developing. Moreover, Ayurveda dictates limiting access to the baby and not letting everyone is in the mother’s room.

Fumigating Infant’s room

Fumigating a child’s room is an age-old tradition that cleanses the entire room. The mother and the child spend their maximum time in the room. Therefore, it is pivotal to keep the environment positive and clean.

The space should be fumigated with the ayurvedic elements, including Guggulu and Brahmi extra. You can also use premium quality dhoop with infused ayurvedic oils or perform fumigation using cow dung.

Ayurveda is an ocean of remedies, prevention, and healing elements. Hence, it is recommended to implement these forgotten ayurvedic rituals as it holds countless benefits for the mother and a newborn especially. You can go for any ayurvedic process or components that work best and suit you.

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