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What to Consider before Sharing Your Baby’s Photo on Social Media?

What to Consider before Sharing Your Baby’s Photo on Social Media?

Undoubtedly, social media has evolved to be the best infotainment platform that helps you connect even with distant family, neighbors or friends you haven’t met for years.
Nevertheless, with the ample advantages of social media, there’s also a flip side.

Back in our schooling, remember we used to write an essay or participate in a debate competition regarding the topic; Is the internet a boon or a curse. And, we used to justify that it’s both depending on your usage and information collecting ability. The same applies when we irresistibly upload our child’s photographs on social networking sites.

There’s no harm in sharing your baby’s photos on social media, but it’s mandatory to consider certain aspects before posting them. Dodging your confusion, let’s get on to the things parents need to consider before posting their kid’s photos online.

Things to consider before posting your baby’s photo on social media

In the virtual web world, privacy remains a major concern for users. Being a parent, ensure that you double-check your privacy settings while posting your kid’s photos online. The privacy settings vary in each social networking site; hence, they show no negligence in terms of privacy. Choose wisely to put your profile private or public because any stranger may also have access to your baby’s pictures online. Consider always set your profile private and ensure that the posts are visible only to the people you select this will avoid any misuse of the posts you share.

Post Mindfully

Sharenting (the act of parents sharing pictures of their kids on the internet) is fun, but it can be a bummer if you don’t post mindfully. These days, people share random posts, but even the most random posts impact our hearts and minds. Be picky with what you post; ask yourself, is it what I really want the world to know about my kid. If you feel it’s harmless and doesn’t surpass the limit of exposure on social media, you can proceed. Do not provide sensitive information online, such as your baby’s school, date of birth, full name, etc.

Beware of revealing locations

The smart device we carry can be a threat if we do not use them wisely. The most concerning information one can post about kids is their routines and locations. It is a cinch for child predators to track information from your social media profile from where they can get almost all the information required. Therefore, do not reveal your baby’s location or routines while posting their photos on social media.

A big no to embarrassing or nude photos

We are the first generation to witness and build a digital legacy for our children. Hence, be damn cautious before posting pictures that dishearten or embarrass your baby when they have a look at it. It may be funny or adorable to see your kiddo running in the bathroom or running in their undies or nude. But, posting such pictures of kids can be disheartening for the kids as they’d feel a breach of their privacy and wouldn’t be able to take the comments on it as a normal thing. It might even harm their public image or shatter their self-esteem.

Consider your child’s permission.

Ideally, it’s your child’s social media account, and only they should have the right to decide what they want to post if they even want to have a social media presence or not. Nevertheless, if you’re handling your kid’s profile, tween, teenagers, or younger children, show them their pictures and ask if they’re fine to share them online. Post only if your baby permits or is comfortable with the photograph; it’s their digital presence and their concerns matter the most.

Overall, social media is a great thing as it’ll have evidence of your kid’s journey from a baby to a teen or an adult if you stay consistent with posting. Have you noticed that whenever you see your baby taking first steps or performing well in sport or dressing up best randomly, you just run to capture those moments instead of actually living the moment with them? Next time, try putting the phone away and seize the moment with your baby to give them undivided attention, praises and love. However, keep posting, but smartly!