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Tips To Prevent Summer Skin Problems In Babies

Tips To Prevent Summer Skin Problems In Babies

The bright sunny days, warm weather, beach vacations and playful evenings with your child define the best of summers. Generally, most parents prefer to keep their baby indoors during the daytime to protect them from sweltering weather. However, it becomes pivotal to take the baby outdoors to get some air and let them have their playtime.

While you maybe planning activities to do with your kids during summer, there is a higher threat of witnessing common summertime skin problems in babies. Therefore, it’s significant to beware of the skin problems kids might face and follow certain steps to protect them in prior. Before proceeding, let’s first know the summer skin problems in babies.

List of summer skin problems in babies

Heat Rash (Miliaria)

Heat rash in kids generally occurs during summers. Prickly heat happens due to the intense heat that leaves no route to escape for perspiration and results in red bumps or small reddish or pink patches. The heat rash can be seen on the baby’s skin folding, such as armpits, thighs, or elbows and take a while to cure.

Folliculitis (Hot Tub Rash)

Hot tub rash, the name itself, defines this skin problem that spreads from bacteria present in the unhygienic hot tubs or pools. It creates a bubbly and itchy rash and infects the area where the hair grows from the skin.

Molluscum Virus

The pink or skin-coloured bumps visible on your child’s skin result from the molluscum virus. The humid climate makes room for poxvirus, which causes skin infection in toddlers. Molluscum virus is a water-like lesion that can also spread through contaminated swimming pools.

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Irrespective of the winter season, eczema also occurs in summer and can infect your baby. Eczema causes scaly, dry and red skin that appears because of the lack of moisture due to the air conditioner, overheating or sweating.

Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis (Sweaty Sock Syndrome)

The frequent change in the temperature due to wearing and removing socks back and forth can result in juvenile plantar dermatosis in children. It makes the skin cracky, scaly and reddish.

Tips for protecting your child’s skin during summer

Hydrate in and out

Keeping the infants and toddlers hydrated is the most important aspect in summers specifically. Dehydration in babies can have severe consequences, so be mindful and notice the signs they show, which indicate that the baby is thirsty. Moreover, do not forget to give them water or other fluids to keep the child hydrated. Along with hydrating the inner body, make sure to hydrate your baby’s skin. Pick the best body lotion for your baby that moisturizes their skin.

Step out wisely

It is a big no to step outside with your kid during the hottest hour of the day. Minimize the baby’s exposure to the sun as the ultraviolet rays can be harmful to them. Step out in the evening or when the temperature drops comparatively. Consider covering your baby when you go out and have sunscreen for babies that suit them the best. Also, carry summer essentials for kids such as wet wipes, napkins, baby lotion, water, and a hat.

Be careful with bathing

If your baby is a huge fan of bubble baths, then summer is the perfect season to stay in the water for more than usual. Dermatologists recommend bathing the children twice a day during summers. Daily bathing of the baby helps them stay clean, cool and dry, which plays a major role in preventing infection. Ensure to use thoroughly cleaned bathtubs, use lukewarm water, and clean them with a fresh and clean cloth.

Use suitable skincare for kids during the summer

There is a wide range of skincare products for babies available in the market, which can be perplexing for parents. Hence, contact your dermatologist and get to know what type of your baby’s skin. Consider using products that best suit your kid and are organic and toxic-free products. Have a separate kit for your baby that consists only of summer-specific products, and ensure to add it to your baby’s summer essentials list.

Prefer summer appropriate clothing

One of the crucial causes of skin problems in babies is the clothes you select for them. Do not stuff your kid in layers of clothing. Pick weather-appropriate clothes, especially cotton fabric clothes with loose-fitting and light colors. Smartly blend comfort with style when it comes to dressing your toddler. You can also use select comfy footwear and a hat to add summer swag to your kiddo’s dressing.

The end goal is to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from sun and heat by taking all the necessary precautions into account. However, do not let the heat beat your excitement. Plan every possible way to have fun in summer with your kid. Just be meticulous with their health. Have delightful summers!