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BabyOrgano Combo of Hing Roll On and Natural Cold Relief Roll On | 40ml Each | 100% Ayurvedic | FDCA Approved

Natural Cold Relief Roll On & Hing Roll On

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✅ Wintergreen Oil: Relieves Sore Throat & Easy Breathing
✅ Eucalyptus Oil : Helps to get the mucus out of your Chest
✅ Peppermint Oil : Relieves Sore Throat
✅ Hing : Reduce bloating
✅ Ginger Oil : Treats upset stomach & supports digestion
✅ Olive Oil : Relieves Tummy Discomfort
✅ Sunflower Oil : Improves digestion

Product Description

Natural Cold Relief Roll On

BabyOrgano Natural Cold Relief Roll-On is made of essential oils such as wintergreen, eucalyptus & tulsi which are known for having healing properties in the context of Ayurvedic practice. The healing properties of the oils work fast to relieve nasal congestion, sore throat, stuffy nose and promote peaceful sleep.

Hing Roll On

For newborns, The first few months can be pretty rough as their sensitive digestive system is still getting used to the intake of food. Hence during this phase issues of indigestion, gas & colic is common among the newborn. In an Indian household, We often use a few kitchen ingredients to relieve the pain & discomfort. One such ingredient in our roll-on is Hing (Asafoetida) with ginger oil that soothes stomach pain and bloating. The roll-on also has combination of many other essential oils which also aid in the digestion process.

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