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10 Best Herbs to Cool Your Kid this Summer

10 Best Herbs to Cool Your Kid this Summer

It’s the season of sugary popsicles, ice cream, and fresh juices! Yes, summer is here in all its glory. While these tasty treats can give instant relief from heat waves, they are unsuitable for your health. So, what should you do to keep your kids cool this summer?

Simply dive into the world of Ayurvedic herbs. Loaded with natural goodness, these tiny plant wonders can help your kid beat the heat quickly. In this article, I am sharing the top 10 Ayurvedic herbs that will be a cooling shield for your kid this summer. Moreover, there are fun recipes for each herb. Let’s explore these amazing summer herbs:

Top 10 Herbs to keep kids cool

10 Best Herbs to Cool Your Kid this Summer

Ayurveda offers a diverse collection of herbs that soothe the mind and body of your kid in a fiery summer. Explore the 10 most effective herbs that can help keep your kids cool this hot season.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, known as Tulsi, is India's most celebrated Ayurvedic herb. You must be aware of its importance in Hinduism, where people worship Tulsi as God. But did you know that Basil can protect your kids from summer heat? Yes, Tulsi can keep your kid's body cool naturally.

As per Ayurveda, Tulsi has adaptogenic properties, allowing the body to adapt to the stress of unbearable summer heat.

The taste of Basil leaves is likely to be a bit strong for young kids. However, add these leaves to other food items like soups, salads, or stews for a milder taste. These leaves can add an excellent flavor to a refreshing watermelon, strawberries, or any other fruit drink.

Plus, you can mix it with other milder herbs like spinach and use it as a dip or add chopped leaves on homemade pizzas.


Mint or peppermint is undoubtedly one of the most common herbs in Indian kitchens during summer. Its leaves are loaded with phytonutrients and Vitamin C, offering an instant bliss of refreshing taste.

Plus, the menthol in Mint has a cooling sensation on the skin and the internal body systems. It keeps the body temperature low so your kid can stay cool in the scorching summer heat.

With its soothing taste and texture, Mint easily blends into tasty recipes for your kids. Add 2-3 mint leaves to their favorite lemonade or iced tea. Moreover, you can mix chopped mint leaves in yogurt to prepare a healthy, homemade frozen yogurt or dip. Lastly, you can also add mint leaves to salads and other summer fruits like watermelon and berries.


Amla or gooseberry is a time-tested herb known for its exemplary health benefits. It is a natural coolant that refreshes your kids and energizes them to fight against the scorching summer heat. Loaded with Vitamin C, Amla is your go-to herb for summer.

You can give freshly made amla juice to your kids. However, it tastes sour, so you must dilute the amla juice before giving it to your kids. Plus, you can also buy amla candies from the market.


Let’s agree that most Indian curries are incomplete without a sprinkle of coriander or cilantro. This ingredient's mild taste and pleasing smell make it a perfect cooking essential. Besides, coriander is loved for its cooling abilities. It helps control body temperature and keeps your body cool from the inside.

You can garnish your cooked vegetables or curries with fresh coriander leaves to add them to your kid’s diet. In addition, you can mix coriander and mint leaves to make a tasty chutney for sandwiches or pasta.

Aloe Vera

Kids love spending time outside in the Sun. Their play dates are more important than the burning heat. Trust me, it is impossible to stop them. This is why Ayurveda gave us aloe vera. The magical herb has amazing properties that relax your little one’s body and mind amid the burning summer heat.

Moreover, aloe vera is a skin specialist. When applied, the herb protects kids’ delicate skin from sunburns and Sun tanning. It nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

If you want to add aloe vera to your kid’s diet, prepare fresh aloe juice at home. You can even buy it from the market. Also, you can add aloe vera gel to smoothies or fruit juices to keep your baby’s body cool and hydrated during summer. However, choose natural aloe vera gel from trusted brands for external use.


Unlike most Ayurvedic herbs, Neem is not directly used as a cooling agent for children in summer. However, the plant has powerful antibacterial, blood-purifying, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. These built-in offerings help Neem fight common summer woes like heat rashes, sweat itching, etc.

Ayurveda also considers neem an effective solution to balance Pitta dosha in children. This dosha governs heat-related body processes like temperature regulation and skin health.

To eliminate skin problems, add fresh neem leaves to water and let your kids enjoy a refreshing bath at home.


Summer colds are a common problem in kids. Elderberry, a popular Ayurvedic herb to keep kids cool, is considered effective in treating the common cold and allergies in summer. The herb contains vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fibre to promote immunity and overall health in kids.

The elderberry plant's berries and flowers offer essential nutrients to children. This herb is a vital ingredient in syrups, gummies, chutneys, jams, and mocktails.


Ginger is commonly considered a potent culinary herb with a naturally warming texture. However, it also produces sweat, which cools the body and helps maintain the body temperature in summer.

As parents, you must be mindful of the quantity of ginger you give your child because an excess can have a negative impact.

To add ginger to your kid’s diet, grate a small portion of the herb in curries. You can also add it to lemonade to prepare a refreshing summer drink for your kid. Moreover, you can pick ginger candies for gingerbread.


Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. However, it can also relieve summer uneasiness in kids. This fragrant herb possesses mild diaphoretic properties and can regulate body temperature. Thus finding its place in my list of best herbs to keep kids cool this summer.

To use lavender, add a few drops of diluted lavender essential oil to your kid’s bath for a calming soak. However, lavender essential oil must not be consumed and should be kept away from children.

Lemon Balm

Recognized as a member of the mint family, Lemon Balm can free your kid from the restlessness common on a hot summer day. This aromatic herb brightens mood and calms children.

Lemon balm can be used in teas or infused into water for a refreshing drink. Because it has a sour taste, be considerate of the amount you use of this herb.

How to safely use herbs to keep kids cool

Ayurveda suggests using natural ingredients to make herbal formulations for your baby. Though risk-free, these herbs can affect each child differently because of their unique body systems. So, before you plan to incorporate a herb in your kid’s diet, consider the below pointers:

  • Always introduce new herbs to kids slowly and gradually. Start with small quantities.
  • Be sure to connect with an Ayurvedic expert before using an herb on your child.
  • Monitor the effects of a particular herb on your kid. If your child experiences even a minor allergy or inconvenience, seek expert help.
  • When purchasing herbs, trust only reputed brands like BabyOrgano.
  • Take special precautions if your kid has allergies or is under a medicinal routine.

Beat the Heat with these cooling tips

The herbs mentioned above will be your perfect companion this summer season. However, you must also consider some other important pointers to eliminate the risks of summer trouble for kids.

Right clothes and fabrics

Summer heat can leave your kid drenched in sweat. This is why it is always advised to choose soft, cotton clothes for kids during the summer season. Also, choose light colors as they do not absorb the sun's heat like dark-colored clothes.

Stay hydrated

There is no better summer remedy than drinking water. Encourage your little one to drink plenty of water to stay cool and calm throughout the day.

Fun indoor activities

Make indoors fun for your mischievous child. Plan interactive activities like an indoor pool, ice cream making, or other games. Don’t forget to include your child's friends.

Choose summer foods

Add summer fruits and vegetables to your kid’s everyday platter. This can include watermelon, cucumber, and leafy greens.

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Wrapping up

Summertime is a fun time for kids. From lazing around in pools with friends to eating their favorite watermelon, our little ones have so much to enjoy. However, heatwaves can spoil their mood and health. So, incorporate these magical herbs to keep kids cool and happy this summer.

Do share your summer plans with your kid in the comments section. We would love to know your summer stories.