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DIY Summer Vacation Activities for toddlers

DIY Summer Vacation Activities for toddlers

Summer vacations are the most joyous period for all age groups of children. From a primary student to a senior student, no one can deny that they don’t wait for vacations desperately. After all, it is the time to rejuvenate and gear up for the upcoming session and also learn new skills. But, this pandemic has turned our children’s life into an extended holiday where they can’t wait to go back to school and, we are all clueless as to when would schools reopen and when your kid will finally be able to go to school.

Also, they have forgotten what summer vacations are. So, let’s remind them of the true spirit of summer vacations and encourage them to avoid using screens and utilize every moment of their day. Here are some fun do-it-yourself activities for your toddler that they can indulge in and make their vacations memorable and fun.

  • The first activity can be cleaning their cars or toys. It is a simple yet fun activity that teaches them and at the same time keeps them engrossed.
  • Outdoor window painting could be a fun activity and, it also develops your kid’s motor skills. All you would need is some paint, mixing bowls, sponges, cloth and a window of course.
  • Jell-O-o party- summer vacations are a party themselves and, then having a Jell-O party calls for double fun. All you require is some Jell-O and a tub and, let them decide what they want to make out of it. This activity is filled with learnings, as they understand the cause and effect relationship plus how to cooperate.
  • DIY chalk painting- you would require few pieces of chalk, a cheese grater, some bowls, and painting brushes. You can either grate the chalk yourself or let your kid do that with our supervision. Add water to the mixture and, voila your paint is ready to appoint them a space for example fence, and let them paint it.
  • A similar activity like chalk paint can be washable painting on the shower curtain.
  • Rock painting- no, it not the usual painting on the rock it is painting with the help of rock, all you need is a rock which you let your kids find and then arrange some paint and a cardboard sheet. The kids will dip the rock in the paint and then either roll, toss or slide down the rock whichever they would want to on the slanting cardboard sheet. Here you can impart some teaching on gravity and let them have fun with it.
  • Sponge target – this activity will keep your toddler busy for a long time. Let them prepare for the complete activity themselves. Just arrange the raw material such as cloth, spray paint sponge, and some paint. Ask them to draw a target on the cloth and then help them in tying it to a higher place. After that, your kid will dip the sponge in the mixture of water and paint and start targeting the cloth. This will teach them how to focus and improve their hand-eye coordination

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