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8 Items to stock up in medicine box before winter arrives

8 Items to stock up in medicine box before winter arrives

It is helpful to keep all essential medicines in stock for any sudden injury or illness. These items are easily available in every possible drug store at over-the-counter (OTC) basis and don't require any medical expertise for its use.

Your family may require medicines and other essentials to respond to any sudden illness or injury. Hence, use this checklist to make sure that you have all those vital medicines and medical essentials to keep your kids and other family members safe and healthy.


During winters, kids often complain about the leg pain which is usually caused by the cold weather. Hence, in these cases, pain reliever syrup (for paediatric use) or ointment to rub proves to be helpful.


During winters, lips get dry and chapped. This happens due to the drying effect on skin because of dry wind and cold weather. Hence, lip balm provides an occlusive layer on the lip surface to seal moisture from the external dry environment. Lip balm can be used daily on a child’s lips depending upon the requirement. However, make sure the lip balm should not contain any artificial colours, fragrance, neither parabens. Additionally, it should have better SPF protection.


Antibiotic ointments are good to use when there is an infection caused due to an insect bite (which is pretty common in winters), in minor cuts, wounds or burns. Furthermore, an antibiotic ointment can also be used if the skin is red, tender or swollen due to scratch. These ointments are absolutely safe and gentle on the child’s skin.


With the change of weather, allergies like coughing or sneezing, wheezing, etc. becomes more common in kids. Ideally, medicines for allergy are considered to be safe for the kids of 2 years or older. And, oral antihistamines for allergy treatment in kids can be bought from the nearest drug store at OTC basis.


Nasal drops are effective in providing relief from blocked and stuffy nose caused due to the nasal congestion. Nasal drops are usually recommended by the paediatrician as they are safe and effective. These drops are easy to use; simply put one or two drops of saline (one of the main ingredients of every nasal drop) into the nostrils of a child. These drops can be used multiple times in a day as and when it is needed.


Ideally, cough relief tablets should not be given to the children below the age of 4years. However, syrups for the same can be given with the proper advice and dosing directions by the paediatrician. Therefore, prefer that decongestant cough syrup for your child which has been prescribed by your doctor.


Menthol rub is safe and a topical treatment for cough, cold and congestion. If being used correctly on the older kids or adults, it shows positive results. However, make sure, the child should never ingest the rub in any case, or put it in eyes, mouth or nostrils. In case of infants, milder versions of menthol rub are also available widely.


Thermometer makes an important part of any medical box. In any case, you notice a minor change in a body’s basal temperature, use the thermometer to check. Use the thermometer in the correct way; doctors recommend using a digital thermometer if the child is too young, else the manual thermometer works fine with everyone.

Know when to seek care

Your home medicine box is your first stop for treating minor infections, cough and cold symptoms. But if the results are not improving, then do not take much time for sound medical advice.