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CORONA VIRUS: What Parents should know and do!

CORONA VIRUS: What Parents should know and do!

As of now, the news is flooded with headlines and detailed stories on cases of Corona Virus and its spread at rapid pace! Being a parent there is nothing you can do but worry whether your child is safe or not! Doctors are still learning about the cause of the origin and the spread of this virus.

The idea of this virus and its treatment is still vague. And the actual fact that so many things about it are unknown is more frightening to us! But there are still a few things that we know about this virus and the similar virus and how do we keep ourselves and loved ones safe from it and prevent it from spreading.

Listed below are the few advices that you should practice and avoid the spread of this virus. The advices below assumes that you and your family have not recently travelled at the places where there are confirmed cases of this virus. If that is the case, you should consult your doctor to the earliest.

Now that, there are increased cases of this virus in India, staying informed and keeping in mind the important instructions by health officials is very necessary.

These precautions can help you and your children keep safe from Corona Virus:

  • Make sure everyone washes hands! At least for 20 seconds, using soap and water. If you don’t have sink handy, always keep hand sanitizer. Make sure you spread the sanitizer well all over the hands and in between the fingers. Wash hands before meal, after being in public place or around someone who is sick!
  • Ensure your child has received flu vaccination. The flu is very common and can prove to be dangerous too!
  • Teach your children not to touch their mouth, eyes and noses with their hands unless and until they have washed it. Always carry tissues or wipes for wiping mouth and nose, and immediately discard them after using!
  • Encourage healthy habits in your family like having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting sufficient sleep.
  • Teach your children to be careful at public places and do not touch any surfaces as little hands always reach out to everything around them. Avoid unnecessary outings especially with small kids and aged ppl who have low immunity or have respiratory issues at crowded places.
  • Stay away from the sick people (people coughing) to the possible extent! And if anyone from your family is sick, make them stay home, cases are it cannot be a Corona Virus, but whatever it is, is likely to be contagious.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if your child or any of the family member suffers from fever or influenza.

Precaution is always better than the cure. No one wants to panic and get frightened and make things messed up in this critical situations so it’s always better to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones!