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Six cute DIY crafts for Rakshabandhan

Six cute DIY crafts for Rakshabandhan

With Raksha Bandhan coming soon it is the correct time to indulge your kids in cute DIY crafts for Raksha Bandhan. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to cherish the bond between a brother and her sister. The sister ties rakhi that symbolizes that the brother would protect her at all cost and act as a shield whenever she faces any difficulties. At the same time brother gives them gifts. Both brother and sister search for gifts that will be suitable so, why not make gifts this time and make them personalized by making them at home. Here are some fun tips that would be very engaging for your little ones to bring out their creative sides and help them understand the true essence of this festival. Make these cute DIY gifts for Raksha bandhan with your kids.

Photo frames

What better way of capturing memories and keeping them in front of you. Photo frames can be made very easily with the help of cardboard. Draw a big rectangle and then a smaller rectangle on cardboard. Decorate the border with some quilling or stickers etc. place the picture inside the small rectangle and cover the backside with another big rectangle and you will be done. You can also make a stand at the back. And then our photo frame will be ready.


You can customize a mug for your brother or your sister. You would only require a mug and some acrylic colors. Whenever they drink something from the cup they will always remember you. You can decorate the mug according to your preferences. Take a permanent marker and add some to it as well.


You always need bookmarks and, you can never have them enough. This Raksha Bandhan gift your brother and sister something which is going to last. Ask your kids to make bookmarks with cardboard and help them punch a hole in the center and paint it with different colors and, it will be done.


why not ask your daughters to make rakhi by themselves rather than you purchasing it. Making rakhi’s is pretty simple. All you would need is thread and decorating items like stickers, cards, and pompoms. Give them things to assemble and help them stick them. By doing this teach why are they doing that and why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated.


Gift things that make an impact on your child’s brain. With growing modernization, there is an urgent need to grow more trees. The kids are the future of this world and, they should understand the need to grow plants. Make them visit a near nursery ad let them choose a plant. After coming back ask them to paint the pot of the plant.

Dream catchers

One more cute DIY are dream catchers. They are said to bring good luck. All you would require is a hoop, lace, flowers, feather, and whatever your kids like.