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Five natural ways for baby hair care

Five natural ways for baby hair care

When a baby is born there is a probability of them having hair and not having hair. Both the conditions are pretty normal and if they don’t have hair they would eventually have it. There are some simple ways to speed up the growth of the hair. But before that, we need to know that having less hair has no health conditions associated and it largely depends on genetics. The hair growth starts in the 30 weeks of pregnancy and, if it does then your child is most likely to be born with hair.

There is also a chance that your baby starts losing their hair after birth it is because of variation in the level of hormones. Nevertheless, the growth of hair is also depending on a lot of external factors like diet, oiling, haircuts and how often do you shampoo them. Here are some tips that would naturally accelerate the growth of hair and make them thick.


Apply coconut oil to the baby’s scalp and massage it. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and, massaging it also improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties and prevents hair from breaking and, adds an extra shine to your baby’s hair. You can also combine it with other oils such as sunflower or almond oil to extract their properties as well. You can oil your baby’s hair two to three times for best results. Oil three-four hours before washing. Use organic oil and then rinse it with warm water.


After oiling their hair wash it with shampoo to clean their head. Use natural or ayurvedic tear free shampoo for babies without parabens and sulphate. BabyOrgano Tomatino Shampoo is natural and safe for baby’s hair. The shampoo helps to clean the scalp and get rid of flaky skin. For newborns shampoo only once a week and on other days just rinse it with lukewarm water.


It is a very integral part of taking care of your baby’s hair. It helps to remove the cradle dirt and dry skin of the baby’s scalp. It promotes blood circulation and hair growth. Brush your child’s hair every day and especially after oiling their hair.


Eating a diet, which is high in proteins, helps in the growth of hair. A balanced diet for children who are older than six months is necessary. Food that is rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, and iron. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source for promoting hair growth.

Detangling and avoiding hair ties

Knots can lead to breakage of hair and, to avoid that brush gently every day. Also, if your baby’s hair is getting longer you might want to tie them but, tying their hair tightly can lead to breakage so, try to avoid that.