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Top 7 Indoor Activities for Kids during Summer Vacation

Top 7 Indoor Activities for Kids during Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is about to kick start and now the kids will be at home all day.

They'll be right beside you, asking to think of something new that they can do and those questions you can never eschew. Phew! Was it perplexing?

That's exactly how every parent feels while constantly keeping the kids entertained, especially during vacations.

Indeed, there are countless activities for kids to do during summer vacations, yet it can be confusing to select that best intrigues your child. The activities may be all about fun, however, you can wisely choose the ones that not only entertain children but also add to their mental, emotional and physical growth in the long run. Henceforth, to make the process smooth, here are some easy and exciting summer indoor activities for kids to do.

Introduce yoga practice

Yoga is one of the best practices as the asanas we perform include more than a physical transformation. It will be a real deal if you introduce yoga to your child and have them perform it daily. The summer holidays can be great to begin.

There are numerous benefits of practicing yoga to make your baby more confident, increase flexibility, build focus and concentration and improve balance and coordination. Yoga is more than an exercise because it's a lifestyle, and you have this bang on opportunity to make it for your child.


Have you heard people saying-It's not always that we implant hobbies in kids because they'll figure it out eventually? The saying isn't entirely wrong, but it is good to introduce an activity, make it enjoyable, and keep it constant until a child develops it as a hobby.

A similar thing goes with reading because the world of books is wider than the ones they carry in their schoolbags. Therefore, get some bedtime or moral stories or any interesting pick from the kids' genre, read it to your kid. Let them read and see how their imagination boosts.

Involve kids in the chores

Well, there's a secret that the entire world already knows but only few implement. Do you know what it is?
"There is nothing like a gender role to do households."

Yes, that's what we as parents need to teach our kids right from an early age. Therefore, vacations can be an appropriate time to prepare and include your child in doing household chores because it's an essential yet vital life skill. Irrespective of gender, ensure that you have them cooking, cleaning the house, feeding pets, vacuuming, sweeping, washing dishes, etc., and break the traditional gender stereotype right from the beginning.

Play indoor games

The rising temperature remains a constant matter of concern for parents. For this reason, parents prefer their child to stay indoors, which can lead to boredom for kids. Hence, you can choose some engaging and fun indoor games for children. Playing games with your child raises fun elements and contributes in their intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

Remarkably, board games such as chess, monopoly, and other brain games help children find unconventional ways to solve a problem and are considered a great mental exercise.

Gardening activities with kids

Involving children in gardening activities is a perfect step towards making them friends with nature. Gardening can be interesting or boring for kids; it's how you lead them through the process that matters most.

So, ensure to keep the process smooth yet enticing. You can begin by planting a tree, cleaning the garden, picking flowers, watering plants, composting the soil, or simply by assisting you. Gardening activities bring your child close to nature and generate a sense of responsibility in them to take care of plants with patience.

Watch movies

If you want your kids to be aware of their emotions, or let's say if you're willing to hone their emotional intelligence, watch movies together. Heard about visual learning? It doesn't only have to be pie charts, graphs, or presentations but watching a movie with your kid is also one of the most accessible visual learning practices.

You can pick a movie, grab a popcorn bowl, and in between pause the film to ask your kid if they've experienced such emotions in their life or why one is feeling those emotions in the movie. The entire exercise will help them label their feelings and help to empathize with them.

Teach shlokas and stotras

Along with the spiritual well-being, there are incredible benefits of chanting shlokas and stotras for kids. It is significant to teach culture to our kids as it keeps them rooted to our traditions. Hence, teach your kids to chant shlokas regularly to improve their cognitive skills, align the chakras, reduce stress, and help with memory and concentration.

Parents know how difficult it can be to keep up with their child's boredom during the holidays. Hence, accompany them in all these activities and spend more time with your munchkin. Because when your child will grow and continue the same hobby that you introduced them, they'll feel more than thankful to you. But, hold on tight with your patience and loosen up with lots of love.