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Proven Home Remedies for Constipation In Kids

Proven Home Remedies for Constipation In Kids

Is your child’s gut giving them a silent treatment? Does your kiddo have to put extra effort into poop? Well, constipation is one the most common yet complicated problems in babies or toddlers, or children of all ages. Generally, there’s no particular season or reason that can make your baby constipated because it may vary as per the individual.

However, constipation in kids during summertime is majorly noticed due to their change in routine, dehydration or lack of fibre. The child shows specific symptoms of constipation that you need to pay heed to and try to find ways to quick-relief your child from constipation before it turns into a chronic disease.

Moreover, plenty of meds are available to cure or prevent constipation in children. But, it is highly recommended to use home remedies to treat constipation in kids instead of giving over the counter medicines prescribed by doctors unless it’s a severe case.

Before proceeding, let’s understand some obvious causes and symptoms of constipation in children.

Causes of constipation in kids

  • Dehydration
  • Processed or cow’s milk
  • Withholding
  • Change in diet or routine
  • Stress
  • Medicines

Symptoms of constipation

  • Fewer bowel movements in a week
  • Stomach ache
  • Hard, lumpy or dry stools
  • Bloating
  • Poor appetite
  • Painful bowel movements

Natural Home Remedies To Treat Constipation in Children

Include fibre intake

Increase fibre content in your baby’s regular diet. A variety of seeds, vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre and can be an easy source of including fibre in your kid’s diet. Mixing flax seeds with warm water and administering it to a child in the morning can be one of the effective ways to cure constipation in kids. Additionally, you can also give kids pear, avocado, or raspberries as they’re the highest-fibre fruits.

Water is the best medicine

Keeping your baby hydrated may seem to be one of the most usual things. But, at times, parents can lose track of how much water their kid drinks during the day. Water helps ease the food to pass through the intestinal tract and softens the stools. Therefore, ensure to keep your child hydrated by giving them plenty of water so your baby can no longer face hardship in stool evacuation.


Exercising can be one of the best natural remedies to cure constipation in kids. Moving the baby’s legs can help ease constipation, especially for babies who don’t crawl or walk. If your toddler s suffering constipation, make them exercise as it stimulates the contraction of muscles in the intestine that aids in pushing the stools easier and faster.

Fruit juices

The poor appetite won’t let your kid feel hungry. Therefore, you can use fruit juices as an option. Many fruit juices are proven to be the cure for constipation in children. Providing juices rich in vitamin-c such as lemon juice and sweet-lemon juice with a pinch of salt eliminates toxins from the intestinal tract and treats indigestion. Apple or orange juice can also be better options.

Give Bananas

Ripe bananas are high in soluble fibre that helps draw water from the intestine and helps to ease bowel movement. Bananas are part of a BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice cereal, Applesauce, Toast) that allows kids to recover from their gastrointestinal problems.

Abdominal Massage

Giving an abdominal massage to the baby suffering from constipation can lower the pain and discomfort and trigger muscle contraction. There’s a significant impact of abdominal massage on constipation in kids. It would be best if you massaged your child’s tummy by targeting the abdominal area, and you can use the Hing roll to get more effective results.

Home remedies for constipation in kids are the handy and safest way to aid digestion. So, you can try these remedies at home and see the results in a few days. However, if these remedies don’t work or the child suffers from chronic constipation, consult your doctor immediately. Ensure to monitor your kid’s routine and keep them hydrated!