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What are the foods that helps in constipation?

What are the foods that helps in constipation?

Constipation in children is one of the most common health-related problems. This can not only make a child dull and weak but also severely dehydrated if not been taken care well beforehand. The causes behind constipation in children can be several, like withholding of poop, less physically active, not drinking sufficient water in a day, not a proper fiber diet, etc. In all these mentioned causes, lack of proper diet and water consumption are taken majorly into consideration while treating constipation in children.

So let’s check out the foods that help in constipation.


Whole grains are a rich source of fiber. They are not only good for bowel movements but also for heart health. Look for whole-grain bread, oatmeal, ground flax seeds, barley, and wheat bran cereal.


Apples, pears and plums (preferably dried) are the best fruits which can be given to a child when he/she is constipated. Apples can be served in its stewed form, or even in mashed form. Pears are also good for babies and toddlers. Try to serve pears as an ingredient of food. You can serve oatmeal-pear smoothie or simply mashed pear’s puree. Now, fruit, especially dried, is loaded with fiber and helps to get relief from constipation. Therefore, dried plum which is also known as prunes is considered to be the best fruit for a child, if he/she is constipated.


Yes, you read it right! The crunchy and munchy popcorns are also good for a child when he/she is constipated. Popcorns are high-fiber snacks which can provide relief to a child at the time of constipation. However, please remember, do not add butter or any taste enhancers to the popcorn, because they can make the situation worse.


The kiwi fruit has got lots of vitamins and other vital nutrients that are beneficial for intestinal health. Just a kiwi in a day is well sufficient for a child to get relieved from constipation. A kiwi is a berry which has edible seeds and can be consumed with its peel. However, most of the people prefer eating kiwi fruit after peeling it off.


Legumes like lentils, kidney beans, soybeans, black beans and chickpeas are good for treating constipation in kids. These legumes are rich in fiber and provide good relief from constipation.

Apart from the fiber-rich foods, drinking of sufficient freshwater is also recommended. It is as beneficial as fiber-food intake. Avoid giving caffeinated drinks, fruit juice or any processed foods.

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