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What children should eat and avoid during the monsoon season

What children should eat and avoid during the monsoon season

The alluring drizzles or incessant downpours, monsoon season comes in different shades. The fascinating weather calls for a table full of delicacies like fritters with a hot cup of tea and other lip-smacking food to enjoy while gazing at the rains. But, we need to be meticulous about what the children eat as they're likely to get infected or catch allergies very often in the rainy season. It is necessary to give children healthy and nutritious monsoon foods to keep the illness at bay.

Although parents may be aware of the suitable diet for children, it is still confusing to choose what foods can be safe and what foods to avoid for children during the monsoon season. For the parents who like to plan, here's a list of food your child can eat during monsoon and the best foods to avoid.

What foods should children eat during the monsoon season

  1. Seasonal fruits
  2. Seasonal fruits are always a good source of antioxidants and vitamins for children. So, it is highly recommended to give the kids seasonal fruits such as litchi, plum, peach, and jammuns during the rainy season. Seasonal fruits are rich in antioxidants that protect children from illness.

  3. Soups
  4. A bowl full of hot soup in the chilly weather feels like a warm hug. Soups are the most warming food in the rainy season, and kids love to slurp them. Either a hot vegetable soup or creamy tomato soup, you can choose the right herbs and flavors as per the season for your kiddo.

  5. Turmeric
  6. Turmeric is considered to be a highly beneficial spice for everyone. Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant as it contains a component called curcumin. A hot glass of turmeric milk before bed can help your child to sleep better and boost their immune system.

  7. Protein-rich foods
  8. Legumes, beans, quinoa, daal, lentils, paneer, and other season-suitable dairy products are protein-rich foods for kids. Protein is a vital source of nutrition as it builds strong muscles, leverages energy levels, and helps in children's overall growth and development.

  9. Nuts and dry fruits
  10. Dry fruits such as walnuts, dates, raisins, and almonds are potent sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, flax seeds and chia seeds are rich in nutrients. A handful of dry fruits can work wonders for boosting your child's energy levels.

  11. Suitable spices and herbs
  12. Kids are prone to catching a cold or developing infection in the rain. So, adding a dash of spices such as paste of garlic, basil, peppercorn, or ginger paste develops a robust immunity system in kids.

What foods are best to avoid for children in the rainy season

  1. Curd
  2. There's no significant reason to avoid curd for kids during monsoon. Scientifically curd is safe to give to children as it is rich in probiotics, helps to build a more robust immunity system, adds beneficial microorganisms, and strengthens the guts. But, kids can catch a cold or cough if the curd is served cold or it's spoiled due to the season. Consuming curd can also increase the sinus condition in kids.

  3. Mangoes
  4. There's a reason why mango is a fruit consumed mainly in the summer. However, many people store mangoes to enjoy the fruit whenever they want. But, it is greatly recommended to avoid giving mangoes to children during the monsoon season as it causes skin and digestive issues in children.

  5. Leafy vegetables and salads
  6. It is not advisable to give leafy vegetables to children during the rainy season as the veggies are contaminated and carry high amounts of germs because of their exposure to dampness and excess mud. Also, avoid making a raw salad for children as the vegetables are covered in mud and can be hard to wash, which may cause infections in kids if consumed.

  7. Ice Cream or Gola
  8. Children's digestive power can be weak during monsoon season, and kids who consume ice cream or ice popsicles are prone to catching a cold or runny nose due to a weak immune system. So, do not prefer to give ice cream or golas to your child during the rainy season.

  9. Oily and salty foods
  10. Fried foods are too delicious to give up but contain many calories. More calories mean more fat, which is terrible for your child's health. The excess oil in the food lowers the child's digestive tract and causes other health issues.

  11. Fish or meat
  12. There are high chances of pathogens or bacteria in the meat that can upset your child's stomach or lead to food poisoning. It is essential to refrain from cooking fish for your child in monsoon because that's the breeding season for fish, and they may pass infections that are harmful to your kid's overall health.

    It's hard to avoid various foods, especially during the rainy season. But, you can still make super healthy delicacies for your kids by considering what to give and avoid during the downpours to keep your child healthy. Avoid giving street food to your kid in the monsoon and make the most of the home-cooked meals.