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Baalprashan Swarnaprashan & Ayurvedic NATURAL LIP BALM Combo

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan & Ayurvedic NATURAL LIP BALM Combo

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan & Ayurvedic NATURAL LIP BALM

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✅ Swarna Bhasma : Boosts Immunity System
✅ Brahmi : Enhance memory and Concentration
✅ Vacha : Increases overall physical and mental health
✅ Organic Almond Oil: Makes lips soft & supple
✅ Organic Coconut Oil (Virgin): Moisturizes chapped & dry lips
✅ Shea Butter: Softens and Hydrates lips deeply

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Product Description

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan

Swarnaprashan is a powerful gift of Ayurveda made with 24 karat gold ash and 10+ Ayurvedic herbs, which helps to improve immunity in children. BaalPrashan swarnaprashan  is 100% Ayurvedic product with no artificial chemicals, preservatives or sugar syrup. It contains highly curated ayurvedic herbs like

Brahmi: which helps to boosts immunity naturally,

Shankhpushpi which helps in developing a strong memory,

Vacha which improves mental health and

Manjistha which works as a detoxifier.

Perfect blend of these herbs helps the body of a child to properly heal and prevent illness. Daily dose of Swarnaprashan helps to prevent recurring cold, cough, fever & help children to grow up into strong and healthy individuals.


Similar to adults, a baby’s lips can get chapped when the weather is cold and dry. BabyOrgano Natural Lip Balm keeps them moisturized and soft all day with the power of all natural ingredients like Shea butter which provides intense hydration, Almond oil which makes lips soft and supple and Castor Oil which protects against sun damage. It's a 100% Ayurvedic product made with organic ingredients and is SLS and paraben free.


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